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Boiler, Stove & Heat Pump Specialists in Co. Wexford. Experts in Water Treatment, Solar Thermal & PV Panels, Oil, Gas, Solid Fuel and Renewable Energy. Offering Sales, Design and Installation to help economically improve the efficiency of your heating system.

Think Plumbing & Heating in County Wexford and the name PJ Firman comes to mind. We have over 50 years experience in the plumbing and heating market.

Our reputation has been built up by the expertise and reliability we have shown to our customers since the company was founded. Traditional methods for heating your home such as oil, gas and solid fuel blend with the most up to date methods in renewable technologies like Air Source & Geothermal. We can design and install a Plumbing and Heating system to suit your needs and most importantly your budget.

Registered with the SEAI and Calor Gas for all home heating upgrades and grants, we will be happy to view and advise you on how to economically improve the efficiency of your heating system.




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PJ Firman & Co Ltd have been a loyal plumbing company to Kelly’s Resort Hotel for over 40 years. The company have provided top class workmanship and were responsible for the installation of numerous systems in the Hotel. The quality, service and customer care they provide is second to none. We would highly recommend them to any business or home as a reliable and efficient company.

Bill Kelly

Managing Director, Kelly’s Resort Hotel, Rosslare, Co. Wexford.

Sales & Installation

Suppliers of all Plumbing & Heating system components, spares and parts

Agents for Avoca Water Softeners and Treatment Systems.

Distributors for Thermosolar Solar Panels.

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